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Master Steve Pisa

Master Steve Pisa is the founder of the Academy of Kung Fu schools in California and Colorado. His career began at the American School of Martial Arts where he studied and taught Peaceful Mind Way Kung Fu directly under Premier Grand Master Don Baird  for 13 years.

After earning master rank, he opened the Academy of Kung Fu School in California. A second school was added in Louisville, Colorado where he now resides and teaches full-time. In 2010, he was inducted into the Masters Hall of Fame as Instructor of the Year.

Great masters of the past were well rounded warriors who were not only involved in the fighting arts. Master Steve strives to uphold that tradition.

When he is not teaching, Master Steve works on his novels, not all martial arts related. He has penned several screenplays, co-writing an award-winning independent film and two upcoming movies. Recently Master Steve was featured as an eHow video presenter for their Kung Fu series and co-host of The Inside Dish radio program.

With many successes in the past, Master Steve continues to study this great art reflecting the unique ability to balance mind, body and spirit. His patience and diligence have rewarded him with beautiful schools that respectfully represent the depth and character of the masters before him.

Carrying on a rich martial arts tradition, Master Pisa guides students through Peaceful Mind Way Kung Fu and its profound principles he has devoted so many years to learn.