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The Academy of Kung Fu offers an outstanding program carefully designed for children. Your child will enjoy personal attention in a fun, traditional martial arts atmosphere. Our instructors encourage and motivate through positive reinforcement always taking into account your child’s safety.

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Self Discipline: Developing their minds and concentration by thinking their way through drills and learning self-defense concepts and strategies.

Confidence: We help to build confidence and character by providing the necessary skills to stand up to peer pressure and other intimidating situations.

Respect: Everyone is taught control, always bow to each other and learn to follow the instructions of the teacher.

Fitness & Coordination: Developing muscular and mental co-ordination while burning excess energy and conditioning their bodies through exercises, stretching and drills.

Achievement: A sense of accomplishment is developed as each student moves to a higher level of belt. Training for these tests and passing them enhance the ability to concentrate and overcome any learning hurdles.


aaday2 (41)Social Conflict Management
More important than how to kick and punch is when and if to use physical force and what level of force to use. Your child will learn how to use their skill if necessary and most importantly how to avoid conflict in the first place.

Emergency Preparedness
During an emergency, what would your child do if you weren’t there? Our program teaches students how to assess their situation and act appropriately. This is one of the most practical and little-known benefits of our system.


Fun in Kung Fu?
Even the monks in the Chinese temples had fun. And so must we. Our school offers a safe, appropriate and friendly atmosphere in which to learn this exciting art. Membership at the Academy requires application approval. This ensures that the training environment is comfortable for everyone.

Safety is our number one priority. Our style accommodates all fitness levels because of the emphasis on health and body mechanics. Like many of our long-time students, we want your child to train with us for years. We facilitate safety through mandatory class size limits and personal attention.


Martial Arts Summer Camp
During the summer, the Academy hosts a popular day camp attended by children from Boulder to Broomfield and even Denver!

Friday Night Demo Team
Advance ranked students may participate in our Demo Team class on Friday nights.

Special Events
Throughout the year, children in our program are invited to perform in recitals at the school or for local festivals and parades.

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