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“Although we train to be warriors, we are not a school of fighters, but individuals developing the confidence and skill to resolve problems without physical conflict.”

~Master Steve

Our Adult Program covers an immense amount of information to those who seek it. Our style, Peaceful Mind Way Kung Fu, encompasses self defense techniques, real world application and philosophy. We provide a friendly atmosphere for students to learn this martial art, forged over the centuries and sharpened by today’s warriors.


Wutang Mountain Kung Fu


Wutang Mountain Kung Fu focuses on self defense techniques and trapping your opponent. With names like Hawk, Tiger Springs from Den and Dragon, these techniques are remarkable sources for learning and mastering crucial self defense principles. The techniques are very short and extremely effective for personal protection.

Shaolin Kung Fu

Shaolin forms are another aspect of our training. Forms, fighting techniques linked together, help to develop muscle memory, hand-eye coordination and focus. Some of these forms date back almost 1000 years and are studied in other styles like Shotokan, Shorin Ryu and Tang Soo Do.

Chin-Na (Joint Locks & Manipulation)

Chin-Na is the study of how to control your opponent using joint locks to limit mobility. Chin-Na also teaches how to attack pressure points and other sensitive parts of the body with strikes, grabs and other techniques.

Chinese Chin-Na is the root of Jujitsu and Aikido, and practitioners use the study of Chin-Na to increase understanding of their own arts.


Mind, Body, Chi

We are a school not only of body, but of mind and spirit. Philosophy, which is neither incongruent nor conflicting with anyone’s personal religion, is crucial for balanced training. It helps align the student with the self and brings clarity of purpose. Individuals who are philosophically oriented are more likely to handle conflict peacefully and confidently.

Art of War

As important to knowing how to kick and punch is when to use physical force and what level of force to use. Not all attacks are lethal. Some moves disable or subdue opponents. Learn how to use your skill for different purposes and how to avoid conflict in the first place.


In today’s lifestyle, many people can’t risk hardcore martial arts training and injury. Our style accommodates all fitness levels because of the emphasis on technique, body mechanics and overall health. Like many of our long-time students, we want you to train with us for years and decades to come.

Instructors will encourage you to practice techniques in ways that feel natural to your body type while maintaining effectiveness. Two students may look different when performing the same technique. Our style, Peaceful Mind Way, also emphasizes low kicks not only for efficiency but to promote long term physical health. Students are able to train our style well into senior hood.


Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan

The most widely practiced Tai Chi form in the world. Gentle for all fitness levels, with variations to benefit new students and challenging enough for the experienced practitioner  The Yang 24 Step Form is one of the most accessible and rewarding disciplines of Tai Chi. Read more.

Combat Tai Chi

Learn the martial arts aspect of Tai Chi Chuan. This seemingly tranquil art can be used effectively for close-contact fighting. The Mandarin term “t’ai chi ch’uan” literally translates as “supreme ultimate fist.”


Push Hands

The internal Chinese martial art, push hands or tuishou,  specializes in sharpening the student’s  leverage, reflex, sensitivity, timing and positioning against an opponent. Push hands teaches students not to resist force with force, but redirect and control energy.


Chinese sword, staff, wind and fire wheels, cane and rope are just a few of the weapons presented in our curriculum.

Seminars & Workshops

Throughout the year, we hold a Spring and Fall Festival, our annual awards dinner and specialized workshops for fighting, board breaking, qigong and more.

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